Graduation Project part 2 _ Typedesign
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    Type design for Museum for Tribal Heritage - Bhopal (M.P.) - India.

for Museum for Tribal Heritage, Bhopal (M.P.)
While developing the logotype for the museum for tribal heritage, I thought of developing a type face based on its visual language which can be used for way finding system of the museum since it also has to be bilingual. My first step towards development of a type face was to understand the proportions of all alphabets, so i strated drawing devanagri characters
The mood of a typeface is an important part of how it should be used. Different typefaces have strikingly different moods. Commonly used moods include formal vs. informal, modern vs classic/traditional, and light vs dramatic. Some typefaces have very distinct moods. For example, Times New Roman is pretty much always going to be a traditional font, which is why it’s so commonly used for business correspondence. Verdana, on the other hand, has a more modern mood.Some typefaces are more transcendent, and can convey almost any mood based on the content and the other typefaces they’re combined with. Helvetica is often considered one such font,since the logotype was being developed for a government organization I wanted the Devanagari font to be of geometric sans serif nature having a modern formal mood.

After some 70 sheets i started getting the flow of the characters

CHARACTER SIMILARITY : While drawing the alphabets I found that their were 8 main characters(left side), who’s elements can be used to create rest of the alphabets
Following the visual language of the logo type i started developing other characters
Development of further characters following the visual language from the base character

Final Character Set , "Swar" (Vowels) + "Vyanjan" (Consonants) 

"Swar" - Vowels, Bold + Regular
"Vyanjan" - Consonants , Bold + Regular.
"Vyanjan" - Consonants , Bold + Regular.
Bold + Regular