11.11.16 Nike Animation 
Photography, Retouch, and Animation
Nike approached Happy Finish China to create a Product Launch Animation as it planned to go into the Singles Day Festival with a bang. Sales Day Festival is the biggest sales event celebrated in China on 11th November every year. Nike planned to launch new shoes in the market on this occasion.
We knew this campaign would be an interesting one as soon as we received the brief. Nike was looking to create a display panel resembling the split-flap displays in airports. The concept was to create anticipation amongst the crowd by showcasing a floating transition to reveal the many new shoes that are being launched on that date for the first time.
It demanded an immense investment of time and effort into skilled photography, retouching, and animation, but the returns were impressive. Happy Finish managed 60 deliverables including 6 animations and 4 OOH print images against the clock.  The campaign came out beautifully as one design gave way to another, showcasing the exciting new shoes being launched by Nike.
Brand: Nike
Photography: Image 7
Retouch Artists: Alexis Goodwin, Eva Jin, Ting Li
Animation: Arthur Monnet