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    The redesign of Red5 free-to-ply FPS Firefll

Our client was launching a free-to-play game that was unlike anything else on the market.  Naturally they wanted a website to reflect that truth.  It had to not only be fresh, but introduce the game story to fans and get them to sign up for the closed beta.

Break from typical game site by front loading the experience on the landing page.  IE users should be able to tell the story behind the game without having to explore the site from one section to another.
The landing page was always going to be arresting.  Big visual marquee, but then a smart carousel below it so that users at a glimpse would know about the buzz, story and other dimensions of the game all without leaving the confine of the homepage.
Community was important and we looked to make sure we could pipe in forums as well as Facebook and Twitter feeds.
In terms of Lore, Firefall is no slouch, so we gave it the proper real estate and treatment.  Allowing users to look at each of the first 12 days of Firefall.
One of my favorite page, we went with an irregular grid for the media section