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    Visual Communications of Faces from Earth including identity, infographics, book design, printed materials and promotional campaign.
Faces from Earth
Diploma work - Identity, promotion and information graphics for
About FfE:

Faces from Earth is to
The importance of being in essence respectful citizens of the galaxy and giving some kind of valuable legacy to our children is a driving force in the creation of Faces From Earth. It is designed to bring together people from multiple fields and disciplines across human culture to more fully represent the beings and items of our world to the Universe on all future deep space missions. We invite you and those who you think may be interested in such a project to join Faces From Earth to participate in our historic emergence into the Cosmos.

Book cover
Infographics about SETI & METI ( Active SETI ) frequencies displaying some of it's stations.
6 Interstellar targets to visit. Distances and travel times visualized.
Exoplanet count by date.
The Final Frontier, a map of METI.
Lightbox poster.
Webpage proposal.
Campaign Pilot:
ET Are You Out There?