"Good Morning"

Taken after waking up in a delightful wooden house surrounded by nature.

Tara, Serbia, April 2011
"Nedelja (Sunday)"

A lazy afternoon in one room in Belgrade, Serbia. Nothing says "Sunday" like closed roller blinds and unmade bed even in the late afternoon.

October 2011
"The First Morning"

The bed in my friend's flat. He left me his entire gorgeous home to stay while I was visiting Stockholm. This photo was taken the first morning after I arrived.

Stockholm, Sweden, May 2013
"Lazy Morning"

A snapshot from my ex boyfriend's old room, where he lived during the first year of our relationship.

Belgrade, Serbia, June 2014

A candid moment from a day in the life.

Belgrade, Serbia, May 2015
"A Hotel Room is a Prison"

Inspired by lyrics of the great Mark Sandman (Morphine):
"A hotel room is a prison
It just changes from town to town
A bed, four walls, a window
And a thin scratchy towel."

Taken in a hotel room in Athens, Greece, only hours before the New Year's Eve celebration.

December 2016
"Glorious Kitsch"

Taken in Nea Poteidaia, Greece. The bed is only a detail from one of the kitschiest rooms ever.

August 2017

A friend and I reunited after nearly four years. He hosted me in a flat where he used to live as a kid, and this is a bed in his old room.
Every morning I would wake up early. I would watch the sunrise, observe how light and shadows play on the walls of the room, and think about how happy I am.

This is one of those mornings.

August 2018
Beds (ongoing)

Beds (ongoing)

A bed. For me, it's a place for pleasures: sleep, sex, reading, long night conversations, cuddling, watching favorite series... You name it. I ha Read More


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