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The exhaust system, both in an Audi and any other vehicle is primarily responsible for the removal of gases from the engine that was received upon combustion. The elimination of these gases must be performed quickly so that the engine has space to accept a new mixture of air and fuel. Continue reading about Audi R8 Exhaust. All exhaust systems have a catalytic converter that helps suppress the gases and clear other car parts. Some are well suited for standard vehicles, while others are more suited for cars that have high-performance engines.

Over the past decade, researchers and metal producers have sought applications for stainless steel in automotive components. This was aimed at determining the potential advantages of forming these parts from stainless steel instead of the traditional carbon steel and aluminum. One of these components is the stainless steel exhaust system. Steel exhaust tubing has many uses. One use is inside the exhaust system of a car. Steel exhaust tubing is usually made with stainless steel to allow it to last a long time without rusting.

Buy Audi R8 Exhaust System

Different types of Exhaust system

Currently, there are five major types of exhaust systems that are best suited to all types of vehicles, and they all differ from each other. A short review on some types is as under;

1. Exhaust System single output

This is one of the most common types of the exhaust system and can be found in most vehicles. As the name implies, this system has only one exit for gases coming from the engine, less expensive to build and install. It doesn't mean that it is always the most efficient, in spite of being quite economical. 

2.    Exhaust System dual rear exit – Mostly used in sports cars. 
Along with such exhaust system a car produces a more robust sound. Two exhaust pipes placed on the rear bumper of the car, help in removing gases from the engine more efficiently than that which is made by a single tailpipe exit. It is noteworthy that, unlike other systems, the exhaust pipes don't bend around the wheel. 

3.    Exhaust System opposite dual output 
The exhaust pipe outlet doesn't have a double back curve, while the exhaust system of dual-opposing functions in a different way. They encircle the wheel and using the option of bending to add a filtering process. This type of system is found in vehicles that normally tow large loads. Exhaust pipe with opposite dual output is a variant of the dual rear output exhaust system and is more effective in certain driving circumstances. 

4.    Double Side Exit Exhaust 
The dual exhaust output side consists of two exhaust pipes which lie next to one another on the edge of a vehicle. When the two exhaust pipes eliminate gas together, and it improves the engine performance. It is just like the high-performance exhaust systems. Usually, the exhaust pipes are smaller than those used in the single exhaust, but the sound is more aggressive and better.

Audi R8 Exhaust System For High Performance

Audi R8 Exhaust System for high-performance plays a more efficient job at filtering and removal of gases, but are more expensive than others. In most cases, this system offers all cars increased efficiency and an exclusive performance on the road. A larger exhaust pipe can reduce the pressure which improves the engine performance. In spite of this, few people invest in the placement of high-performance exhaust systems because the installation requires the accomplishment of some changes in your vehicle. Most motorists prefer systems that show a good appearance and have an even better sound. 

For many that enjoy working on their cars, they enjoy the idea of adding stainless steel exhaust tubing. These particular tubing designs, are sleek and shiny in their looks and appearance. With so much to be noticed, car lovers enjoy being able to install these pieces to their cars. Shop through our list and find some of the best pieces for you today. Shop for Stainless Steel Audi R8 Exhaust System at Champion Motorsport

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