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    Series of short films called Focus Greatness featuring the world champion MMA fighter George St-Pierre.
Focus Greatness
FOCUS GREATNESS is a campaign that we created to celebrate the launch of the new partnership between UFC World Champion Georges St-Pierre and NOS Energy Drink.

What we wanted to steer clear of is the 'default' approach of plastering a celebrity in logos or piggy-backing on a celebrity’s hard-earned success. Instead, we were determined to establish a genuine and authentic connection between these two previously unrelated brands. After analyzing the history, features, strengths (and weaknesses) of each brand, there was one that stood out above all the others as the true, authentic connection from which we could not only build a campaign, but a lasting partnership… and that is FOCUS.

NOS Energy Drink with it’s CMPLX6 formula is one of the few energy drinks that has been scientifically proven to enhance mental focus (by upto 40%) and Georges St-Pierre or GSP as he is more commonly known, just so happens to be one of the most ‘focused’ athletes on the planet. FOCUS therefore became the lens through which we wanted to view GSP’s preparation and training regime, leading up to November’s title fight against Carlos Condit.


Episode 1 - Goal setting


Client: NOS / Coca-Cola
Agency: Sid Lee

Creative Director: Kris Manchester
Art Director: Jean-Daniel Petit
Copywriter: Ollie Miles
Client Services: Joanne Tremblay

Director: Kris Manchester
DOP: Christophe Colette
Production House: Jimmy Lee
Stylist: Chanelle Riopel, No Agency
Sound Design + Music: Mathieu Lafontaine
CGi (Octagon): Artifex Animation Studios
Post production: SHED