"The city is a world to explore". That is the main concept of the Invicta institutional advertising campaign 2017.
As words created a parallelism between the great explorations of the past and the litlle everyday adventures, thanks to these illustration we literally live a trip in the urban context.

To live life at its fullest, Ulysses had to turn his life upside down, changed his name and even his own appearance.
Instead, you'd just need to change neighborhood.

To discover new worlds Colombo got indebted, saw many doors slammed on his face and had to take to long road across the seas. Instead you'd just need to take the tram!

At 40, Magellano discovered a new ocean. At 20, you could discover a new pool.

Chief Creative Officer: Giovanni Porro
Creative Directors: Selmi Bali Barissever e Lorenzo Crespi
Art Director / Illustratore: Giacomo Piloni
Copywriter: Davide Labò
Account: Chiara Colombo