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Proper Air Conditioning Installation

How to select an air conditioning contractor is sometimes difficult because not all contractors are equal. It is important for you to do some serious prior research so as to get an air conditioning company that will provide you with a professionally installed job. After all, no one likes to get ripped off by the many fly-by-night air-conditioning companies that are out there.

It is basically the same as choosing a good mechanic. Not all automobile mechanics are the same. Unfortunately, there has been some bad experiences in regards to air conditioning companies and the work that they perform. The reason why A/C contractors often get a bad rap is because many of them are not actual contractors but rather they are simply a handyman of sorts with a work truck and a clever logo.

Nevertheless, there are times when a homeowner may require the services of an air conditioning installation. Even though there are some bad apples on the tree it does not mean that all air conditioning contractors are bad. The truth of the matter is that there are quite a few air conditioning companies that will provide you with an A/C installation done the right way. This article will provide you with a few important tips to help you choose the perfect contractor for your next air conditioning installation.

The first tip is to never choose and air conditioning contractor who provides you with an over the phone estimate. There simply are too many situations to take into account that cannot be seen over the phone. For example, what is the condition of your ducting? What is the type of insulation that you have in your home? Do you have single pane or double pane windows? A trained HVAC contractor will come to your home and analyze a variety of things before recommending a particular air conditioning system.

Another important tip is to make sure that your air conditioning contractor is licensed by the State License Board. There are many fly-by-night HVAC contractors who claim to have a license but in reality they are working without a license. There is a lot at stake when you choose a licensed and certified contractor who has the knowledge to manipulate gas lines and understands plumbing and electrical applications. A licensed contractor should have their license number visible on their website and on all of their literature.

Finally, never accept a verbal contract. A reputable air conditioning contractor will provide you with a written estimate. Many states will accept a verbal contract as legal but if you ever have to go to court, a verbal contract could turn into a legal nightmare. Simply get the quote and the final agreement of sale in writing. The agreement should include the price, the guarantee, as well as everything that will be done. It should also include a specific date when the work will be finished.

If you follow the above tips then you can rest assured that your home will have a proper installation of an air conditioning system that is perfectly suited for your home.