Typo / Graphic : Express Text
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Typo / Graphics : Express Text !

You have been given 2 classic texts to read, you should focus on only 1.  You should have read the text and have a good comprehension of the content and surrounding issues should be explored. The book is your content, you must immerse yourself within the words, absorb and analysis its narrative; the characters, tone of voice and general expression. Consider numerous ways in which you may represent the book from your analysis and research material.

This project asks you to re-present the content of the book in a narrative form. You are not bound to any conventional formats (i.e. books) and should explore a range of media to realize the project. You can select to use the whole text, sections or fragments as long as you have a rationale for the design proposal and there is sufficient material that expresses your direction. You should aim to produce work that is typographic (traditional or/and contemporary), however, you can also use imagery to express elements if your proposal rationale requires it. This project should allow you to be experimental and be explorative in the field of typo/graphics – remember the boundaries here are flexible. The media is open for exploration but you will need to consider the reader of your re-presented text along with how it is read.

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