LIES - the opening exhibition of Photoshop artist and creator Shine Horovits. 
Surrealist digital art, with the participation of leading Israeli entertainers and media personalities, and inspired by exceptional life stories.
Work on LIES began in mid-2010, and took around four years. 
The development took digital art to the extreme, through the inner world of the artist. The raw material was photographed by fashion and advertising photographer Ohad Romano, in a white studio, with no make-up artists, hair stylists, stylists, decor, or art people, the models wearing only underwear.
The work process involves a colorful visual translation, steeped in sex, danger, longing, innocence, goodness, and a wide world of visions.
Using the Photoshop software as a substitute for reality, Shine conjures the dream out of nothing, hence the name of the exhibition - LIES.