INDEED Job Search Website Redesign
BEFORE Redesign - Indeed Job search Homepage Right Now
DESIGN THOUGHT PROCESS is a top job search portal. While most of its contemporaries such as Dice, Monster and Glassdoor have a user friendly, modern website; I was quite surprised to see a really ancient looking, eye sore website design of Indeed considering that millions trust and use this website for both job search and job postings.

I proceeded to list out the 
1) purpose of the webpage,
2) the central idea around which rest of the information is presented,
3) any redundant information/functionality and most importantly
4) how to minimize non-essential text(based on priority/position of information), colors so that the user is 'visually guided' to the most essential zones of webpage or the central idea that prompts a user to reach out to their website.

Eg. 'Upload your resume' and 'Employers post job' are repeated twice unnecessarily and positioned randomly across the website. It is definitely not great to see their Logo in the middle of their website that serves no purpose and takes up too much place.

Once I had a pretty good hold on what gets eliminated and what gets highlighted, I did some heuristic analysis of similar websites and how they have tried to achieve similar functionalities.

I chose to go with Monster and Glassdoor to perform a comparative evaluation.
AFTER Redesign - Wireframe - Indeed Job Search Homepage 
I thought I'll go with the standard splashing home page image that most websites seem to adopt these days to focus the user's attention towards the search area. But, I liked the idea of one powerful job search image across the entire page that did not distract the user(through splashing colors) instead made the purpose of job search more pronounced. 
AFTER Redesign - Indeed Job Search Homepage
BEFORE Redesign: Indeed Job search result page(current design)
I did not find the idea of applying filters to job search the same way that it is designed in an CPG e-commerce website. Displaying distance, salary, job type, location, company and experience level as an accordion menu rather than a plain long listing seemed to bring about a clean clutter free outlook.
AFTER Redesign - Wireframe - Indeed Job search result page
AFTER Redesign - Indeed Job search result page
Designing in Sketch using grids made it so easy to place elements in a pixel perfect position. Plus, the 'Futura' typeface looked very professional for the Indeed website. Any critique is very much appreciated. Thank you for taking a peek!
INDEED Job Search Website Redesign

INDEED Job Search Website Redesign

INDEED Job search Homepage REDESIGN


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