What is Toontown Offline?
Toontown Offline is a singleplayer edition of the now closed MMO, Disney’s Toontown Online. The game is free and available for all to play on Windows and macOS. You can play Toontown Offline by yourself normally, but you can also choose to host or join a Mini-Server with up to 15 other Toons. These two playstyles are the driving point of our game- but we’ve added a plethora of other fun features and story elements alike.

You can view the Toontown Offline website here for more information.

I started working on Toontown Offline in late 2016. For two years, I was the head 2D artist for the project. I worked on miscellaneous textures, such as shirts/apparel, Pick-A-Toon (PAT) screens,  Operation: Duck Hunt assets (some of the following below contains scrapped content) and some image assets for the Toontown Offline website. In addition, I also hosted several update livestreams and made public tutorial videos on Youtube for setting up Toontown Offline. I resigned in April of 2018 due to personal reasons regarding motivation and disconnections.

Videos of my own regarding Toontown Offline:

The following files are not in any chronological order, and they range from new to old assets that I have created for Toontown Offline.

Note: Some assets have been downscaled to fit on the canvas image. You may request full-sized JPEG/PNG and PSD files by privately contacting me through any social media.
What is Operation: Dessert Storm?
Operation Dessert Storm is a brand new Toontown Private Server designed to provide a unique experience for you and your friends.

You can view the Operation: Dessert Storm website here for more information.

I joined Operation: Dessert Storm around January 2017 as a texture artist.  I made several assets for the game, such as concept art and shirt textures. I resigned in March 2017 because I felt poor communication and under par at the time to continue working for the game.
In addition of making assets for various Toontown projects, I have also worked with other Content Creators and collaborated with a few of them to create custom assets. In addition, I have also created several pieces of artwork that was intended to be self practice, or used to help teach people.

Videos of my own:
Making Symmetrical Shirts

Videos of my own featuring Toontown's Engine: Panda3D:

Videos featuring my content:
In the past, I made several Texture packs for Toontown. My biggest notable work was my texture pack called Evolution, which the production started in 2013. Below you can see several images of my work. I stopped working on the pack in 2016.

Click here for a download to an outdated version of Evolution.