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    Marketing, outreach and branding for a historic site conducting a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign
A site of national significance, Belmead's story touches many aspects of the American experience. Spanning history, and incorporating many narratives, there is perhaps no place that knits together such diverse and unique stories as does Belmead-on-the-James. The challenge of designing for this site was to create a consistent brand that represented the many chapters of Belmead's story while still conveying the future of the site.  
This brochure was used as the central outreach document for a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign to renovate a nationally-recognized historic property. A single page, three-fold design, the brochure had to succinctly convey the details of a 5-year business plan, the scope of a 20-year redevelopment vision and the urgency of immediate need.
Owned by a non-profit, creating fundraising materials was of paramount importance. 
Electronic newsletters that were clear and easy to understand were used in addition to print materials to reach existing supporters and potential funders. Using the materials I designed, Belmead raised over half a million dollars in one year.