for SteamOne
SteamOne project - 4th year at Creapole

This was a project made in partnership with SteamOne. We had to create a new steamer for the house that could be integrated easily in someones home.
Here are 3 directions I wanted to look into:
SteamScape - this was made to resemble a city skyline and integrated with modern decorations
Steamalist - Minimise the size of the steamer into a well-crafted mono-block
InvisiSteam - This steamer would not have the usual transparency part of the water tank but be a solid block to mount easily next to any piece in the bedroom
My final presentation to the brand for the new steamer.
"A lighter steamer for an easier movement capability. No need to bend down in order to change the settings. A smaller hose was possible by making the steamer able to hang from a door or wall. And easily dismountable in order to store it safely.