Surface Design Project | WIP
Mind Map | To start this project, I brainstormed several words that described me best. I came up with a few starter words, then found synonyms for those words, and eventually wound up with the word "warm-hearted".
Mood Board | For my design, I wanted to create a rustic feel with an old-fashioned, hand lettered type.
Thumbnails. These are a few sketches I did to start to get an idea of the type of fonts I wanted to use for my word "warm-hearted". While sketching my ideas, I knew that I wanted to use two different fonts, a curly font for the word "warm" and a serif font for the word "hearted". The contrast between the two fonts would allow me to create typography that interacting with itself and the graphic that I will be using. My mood board shows the type of look I am working towards.
Larger Thumbnail. For my final thumbnail, I decided to stack the words on top of each other. This will make the word easier to read and allows me to wrap the text around the graphic and add designs around the text to create a unified piece.
Letterform. For my final letterform design, I decided not to incorporate the graphic and instead focus on a detailed text.
Pattern. I chose to do two different colors in my pattern design to give customers variety in the products they may choose to purchase my design on.
Combined. Final design concepts
Process Book. An overall look at all of the work that has built up to my final design concept.