When we received an offer to create a warm and friendly video, which would be close enough 
to every viewer, we decided to make a story about Jane who is fond of baking. 
Everyone of us has a friend or a relative who just waits for a moment when she (or he?) can bring the flour masterpiece to a party, a meeting or just another gossip session.
Firstly we made classic characters, with the calm background which we liked a lot.
But just a few days later the customer developed the user-interface and showed it to us. Then we were to change it and guess what? It was a great idea :)
We've decided that black, white and red colors should dominate in the video 
and it was a great and stylish decision.
Studio: BlueCarrot
Client: TrynTryn
Script and Project Management: Marina Buchinskaya
Concept Art and Illustration: Inna Grechanaya
Motion Design: Vladislav Molodan
Music & Sound Effects: Mark Shwedow
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