Things Older Mothers Want Younger Mothers to Know
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Things Older Mothers Want Younger Mothers to Know
Motherhood is the great experience that helps any woman to learn one of the most precious lessons of her life. However, young mothers do not find it easier to keep up with the requirements. Sometimes, they do something which should be done and sometimes they do not do the things which should be done. Sometimes, things are overdone. Hence, the real need here is to ask someone who would be experienced and would have great knowledge about maintaining required balance. So, such tips can come from none other than the older moms because they are usually found wishing for doing things which the younger moms can do easily.

So, here are some good tips collected by the older moms and compiled for the guidance of younger moms.
Be more relaxed

Younger moms are the enthusiasts, and hence they get stressful about the things such as daily workout, keeping the house clean and doing everything included in the chores. However, the older moms suggest keeping everything not that tight-scheduled. It only makes things difficult. Instead, you can relax at home and spend some quality time with your kids. You will eventually get the time to do chores and exercise.
Stop comparing

It is the habit of young mothers to compare themselves with each other. According to an older mom, this comparing is of no help at all. Every woman and mother has unique set of talents and gifts which make her different from the other. Hence, being good at what you can be is the way you can make yourself better than the others.
There is no such thing as perfect mother

The worse thing about trying to be perfect mother is that this effort makes moms to ignore the instincts required to parent the children. Instead, the mothers become obsessed with the things which rarely exist. Therefore, when talk about being the perfect mother, we talk about fantasies.
Give the kids some space

Mothers tend to be proactive and, hence, they usually end up doing over-parenting. Although, there are the instances in which it is required to be with the kid in order to observe the kid’s activities, doing the same during the time when it’s not necessary can have some adverse effects. So, giving space to the kids for some time is necessary for building the kid’s self-esteem.
Focus on education of children

Although there are some great schools with great teachers, the child ultimately gets his education from the parents. Hence, parents need to take active interest in the studies of their kids.
Don’t hate yourself

There can be times during which you may feel that you are not up to the mark when it comes to keeping a balance between childcare and work. It may be true to some extent but it should not be the reason for you to hate yourself. You just need to try to make things done and keep proper balance. But if youo fail at some point or in any extent, don’t feel guilty.