A small office building with a complex brick laying.

It is so wonderful to work on such an unusual and interesting visualization as this low-rise office complex among numerous high-rising residential buildings.
Visualization of a small office complex with brick fasades
A low-rise building is the one that has 5 or less floors. Such buildings may not have an elevator. In Europe people have long understood that this type of development is the most environmentally friendly and comfortable for humans, while we in Russia only start drawing attention to it.

The most interesting thing in the construction of a 3D model was its varied and complex brick laying. To create it, we have made each brick separately and have drawn maps of brick-laying to each wall. Thanks to this method, we were able to achieve varying degrees of bricks reflectivity which is very cool!

We have set up the reflection of the bricks so that to the top of the building it grew, and closer to the ground disappeared. So, we achieved a beautiful volumetric light on visualizations and added realistic reflections on the facades. This is done with a help of a special map Falloff in 3dsMax.
Exterior visualization of a modern office complex. Courtyard
Visualization of the courtyard of a low-rise office center
A day-time visualization of an office building with modern urban landscape
Autumn visualization of a modern low-rise office complex

The architects used decorative cereal plants and feather grass as the main element of the landscape design. It looks good in life in all kinds and sizes, including wintertime, and does not require complex care. We place this beautiful feather grass in our visualization using the 3ds Max plugin Forest Pack. The plugin is able to randomly place objects in the selected area of any shape, and we use it constantly to place people, rocks, trees, grass and other objects.

We had to model a wooden house with decorative carving using photos. Even though that the building is well-restored and looks good, the pictures we had didn't fit in the realistic visualization. So, we made a full 3D model of it so that it is doesn't differ from the office complex in angle, lighting or any detail.

Visualization made by 
Rostislav Nikolaev 
Artyom Kalinovskiy 
Anna Leksina