octopus' image: sketch, concept art, clay preview, final image and details.
pig's image: sketch, concept art and clay preview
Studio Nuts
Agency: 3A Worldwide
Client: De Cabrón
Concept artist: Sofia Maldonado
CGI: Alexandre Cardoso, Milton Fernandes, Marcelo Souza
Post-production: Thiago Storino e George Rutherford

Bring Life Back To Your Food
De Cabrón is a Brazilian spicy chilli sauce. The idea here was to use that classical "emerging from the grave" scene to show how good is the chilli sauce. The food flavour is back from the dead.
★ Prêmio Colunistas - Gold in Technique and Illustration
★ Prêmio Colunistas - Silver in the Food Category
★ Lisbon Advertising - Bronze
★ Archive Vol 02-2018 & Finalist for the cover
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De Cabrón Chillis