The history
Aalborg Football Club (or AaB) is a football club based in Aalborg, Denmark, which houses several sports departments. AaB's history began in 1885 and is after AGF, the oldest club in the current best Danish football league. Together with Brøndby IF, the club is one of the only two teams that have played all the Super League games since it originated.

Considering AaB being one of the smaller Danish teams in football, the club have managed to get international recognisability after their success in the UEFA Cup in 2008.

"The entire North Jutland's team" - Official Aalborg Boldklub's statement

The new logo

We wanted to design a new logo, that would represent the modern era of the football team and Aalborg. We decided to replace the round shape of the logo with the shape of a pentagon, implementing a viking inspired pattern into the new crest shield. This is meant to illustrate the toughness and security of AaB as a football team.

The typeface is inspired by the original logo on the crest. The new typeface have been simplified by removing the serifs and foots from the font. This gave the logo a more minimal and modern styling, one that represent the new direction the club are going.

Shirt Design

The goal with Aalborg Boldklub was to take a team already watched live by 10,000 fans weekly and build into an even more successful team, branding them into the modern era.

Home Shirt
The home shirt features a darker red than previous to match the vibrant hue of their previous design. The stripes on the new shirt have been redesigned and made horizontal, instead of the traditional vertical red stripes, which the team have been know for throughout history. The adidas shirt got the "Super Liga" logo on the shoulder and the new AaB logo have been implemented onto the chest area.

Away Shirt
The away shirt is a black in many ways, but the gold colours are new after replacing the silver colours used in the previous shirt. The gold is meant to illustrate the new beginnings and development of young local players, this has been implemented onto the shirt crest, making the logo more unique.

Keeper Home Shirt
The home shirt features a bright green colour, with the viking pattern filling half the shirt and white shorts with green stripes along the leg area. This new shirt gives the keeper a unique fresh look, one that have never been seen before in the Super Liga.

Keeper Away Shirt
The away shirt features a bright blue colour with a X centering the AaB logo on the chest. The X is a design style that symbolises the logo's placement as well as illustrating where the player's heart is located. This style will hopefully (subconsciously) make the opponents aim at the body X is, instead of the goal.