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    Capturing the eccentricity of a peculiarly English interior designer!
Just Like Thomas - Interior design with a dash of brilliance.

Gareth Thomas is an English interior design. A very English interior designer. By that we mean he is eccentric, dapper and a bloody good chap. When creating his brand concept we knew we had to create something reflective of his particular brand of Englishness. While we could have called the brand Gareth Thomas Interiors or something equally mundane, we felt that no other interior design else would, or could, ever be Just Like Thomas - a name was born. 

The combined form of whimsical script and stout, reassuringly solid type reflects the man and his results. If only every branding project could be Just Like Thomas. 
A series of rather eccentric images adorn the reverse of the business cards. Expect photographic updates of the cards once I have done them! 
Every image and collateral featured a roguish and eccentric expression.