Various illustrations. Set 17.
Havana Rums

for Good Wine
French Wines

for Good Wine
Italian Wines

For Good Wine
Strong drinks

for Good Wine
Google Doodle

for Independence Day of Ukraine
Who has fanned the flames of fascism?

based on Guardian's article Who has fanned the flames of fascism? Our politicians and newspapers.

A print for a textile bag. From a cancelled project.
An editorial iilustration about 'Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election' protest in NY.

For The Baffler Magazine
Real man adventure. For Dog&Teepee
The Independent Life. For Dog&Teepee
Bar Menu illo for 'Yellow Place' cafe
Teaching our children to ride
Today's Adam

Inspired by The Guardian's article
Searching for eternal life.

For Kunsht magazine
Great again.

An editorial piece about Trump's geopolitical ambitions.
A music poster for Closer LOW

I have a new interview on The Ukrainians also, if interested.

And I have
Instagram, where I post my hand-drawings each day or so.