Motion Graphics

Combining artistic expression and design principles with dynamic storytelling, motion graphics evokes a strong emotion and creates a connection between the message and the watcher. Motion Graphics – 100 Design Projects You Can’t Miss collects the outstanding projects by renowned studios from across the globe, such as Huge Designs, Imaginary Forces, Le Cube, to name just a few. All the striking works are divided into four categories, namely commercial, cultural, experimental, and title sequences. Motion graphics aren’t a new field, but with new technologies, refreshing concepts, and wider application possibilities, their scale importance to visual communication clearly on the rise.

ISBN 978-988-77409-5-7
210*285mm, 240p 精装、英文
Cover designed by Wearebold .es


本书的前言由曾荣获艾美奖的设计工作室Huge Design的创始人雨果·莫斯(Hugo Moss)撰写,深入浅出地讲述了动态图像的发展轨迹和趋势。运动图形并不是一个新的领域,但是随着新技术、崭新的概念和更广泛的应用可能性的出现,这种传播方式将会成为创意领域不可忽视的创意新力量。
Motion Graphics