At its 5th edition Formentera Film has placed itself on the cultural “radar” as festival of reference in the world of short films, documentaries and video art. Since its first editon Formentera Film has been growing both in the quality of the movies selected as well as in the audience attendance. Although this year the focus will be on the Balearic Islands’ short films and documentaries, great attention will be dedicated to the National and International productions. The Formentera Council proudly support and promote cultural events such as Formentera Film Festival, that have the power to create quality and attractive contents for both tourists and residents even during the low season.

Fotografie del coordinato nella splendida cornice di Formentera ad opera di 
Michele Vangelista e Riccardo Stocco 


grazie a: 
Monica Timperi, Silvio Bandinelli, Morena Faverin, i pirati di Zero Productions
il visionario Atelier FraSe, Arturo Bandinelli, Acacio e Warren e tutti gli amici e lo staff di Formentera Film,

un grazie particolare e fraterno a Carlo Migotto e Viviana Carlet per averci dato accesso a questa nuova avventura.


Formentera Film 2017