NoVa 6
Object: parametric wall tile
Status: produced by Polli Products (
Material: high density concrete
Dimension: 120 mm median
Designer: Egor Bondarenko
Unique element to bring brand new ornamental world and wall covering design concept based on nature and freedom.
Parametric structure.
Let's play Geometry! First principle of NoVa design based on geometric game in which you create your own rules. Be the Winner in wall design game!
Creativity defines Shape! The second principle of NoVa design is the philosophical aesthetics of the subject making us think about the primary question of being.
Sea of Designs! The third principle of NoVa design is mathematical aestheticsThere is little more than 16 000 000 000 000 000  solutions for one square meter consisting of 17 tiles. Working like a fingerprint generator it can never repeat the pattern on different walls.
Example of 8 simple matrix.
Can be produced in colour.
Or beton.
Simple matrix in interior.
Chaotic and coloured matrix in interior
NoVa Golden Line. It has an infinite ways of self-expression.