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    Blue Velvet title sequence
Blue Velvet

This was a uniproject and the brief was to create a title sequence from a movie called BlueVelvet, which is a 1986 American mystery film.

Blue Velvet tellsa story about a guy who discovers that he lives in two worlds at the same time,one of which is pleasant, the other terrifying. He met the one he loved yet healso met a club singer with a complex mind who’s been persecuted a psychotic.The bright intro of this title sequence that gradually becomes darker withblood represents that there’s evil in every love. The movement of crumpledcassette tape portrays the complex and horrifying mind of the psychotic.

Music: Nightmare- The Dawn by Muir Mathieson

"The fearful knowledge that whatmost of us consider our deepest and strongest desires are not our own, that ourdreams and fantasies are only copies, audio and video tapes, of the desires ofothers and our utterances of them lip-synching of these circulating, endlesslyreproduced and reproducible desires." - Michael Moon

Some screenshots of the video:

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