Back in August 2016, the Porsche Vision GT received an email from Porsche marketing:
“Dear Vision GT team, we have seen your project and find it very interesting. We are impressed by the enthusiasm for our brand that you express with your work.
would you be interested in ideas about how to tell your story together?
Creating some kind of ”homestory” and share it on the Porsche social channels is just one first idea. Please let us know what you think.”

Of course it is with a great pleasure that the team accepted and even proposed to modify a bit the original version, and give them the exclusivity of unveilling the interior that they still needed time to finish.
So here we are more than a year later, proud and happy to show you what we’ve been preparing together with Porsche marketing.
It has been a such crazy human adventure.
The Porsche Vision GT team would like to thank Porsche and all the visitors of our website/ facebook page/ instagram for the interest and support you guys have in our project.