Snowgum partnered withIdeaWorks to help identify a distinctive brand positioning in the highlyconvergent adventure wear market. Thebrand positioning had to work across advertising, store and corporate elements– effectively refreshing the entire brand positioning statement. With retail outletsacross Australia facing record lows in sales/revenue it was IdeaWorks challengeto reinvigorate the brand ensuring Snowgums success for now and the future.

The strategic processuncovered an opportunity to reinterpret the category generic platform of‘adventure’ to focus on a more distinctive proposition which celebrated ‘layersof experience’. This broadened the brand’s appeal from a restrictive view ofadventure (climbing mountains and pitching tents), to focus more on the essenceof adventurousness, the need to experience more out of life.

The layers of experiencewere brought to life creatively by developing an iconic design device inspiredby the layers which appear on the Snowgum tree itself. The layers graphic wereinterpreted across the brand identity, the store design and the in-storegraphics to create a uniquely ownable brand experience.

The revised brandpositioning and store design have been enthusiastically received by the marketand Snowgum network. This was proven with the store launch in WestfieldBelconnen (Canberra) in early 2011. The results of the store opening have been impressive;trade is 17% up in its first year, twice as profitable year on year. Due tothis success Snowgum will continue to roll out the design throughout 2012.

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