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    Website redesign for the Bellevue Schools Foundation.
The Situation: Witha new leader and a set of expansive goals shaping the future of foundation thetime was right to create a new site. The Bellevue Schools Foundation’s newdirector saw frustrations within their community over the design andfunctionality of their website. She knew the website needed an upgrade if itwas going to deliver the kind of performance she expected to meet her expansivegoals, she turned to our team to help improve the sites organizational strategyand overall user experience.

The Solution: Weorganized the new site like a newspaper, a form that encourages readership byplacing articles in a familiar, approachable structure. We also created obviouscalls to action and a clear hierarchy was given to the page content. But, themost significant change is that kids and what BSF is doing for them is frontand center. The photos, graphics and typography all support the mission: kidsand learning. A solid content plan was developed to ensure that as the site

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