Poster Design
Graphic Design / Typography
Student Work


The poster design shall mainly be solved as a typographic issue, but will also be
an exercise in critical thinking and the use of graphic design as a comment, a
statement. The task is to design a poster that express something of your own social
interest - statements, something you believe in or not believe in. The core message
will be a statement that has a social connection as opposed to commercial posters
that promote events, products or sales. The brief and a lecture on Monday 8th of
October will hopefully clarify the subject.

Besides your own statement, you will get a common manuscript that will be a kind of
running text. You has to decide the structure of this text, like to choose typefaces
and develop a hierarchy to organise levels of information. Use the time to test
typefaces that will fit your text message.

Remember, it is primarily a typographic task, illustrative elements are of secondary
importance. The assignment is individual, but cooperate and feel free to provide
comments, suggestions and input to each other.

Format: 60x90 cm (portrait)
Typefaces: Free of choice
Colours: Free of choice