The Laredo Convention & Visitors Bureau has the unique role of promoting and preserving the tourism experience of the City of Laredo. With its location at mile marker 1 of Interstate Highway 35, Laredo is quite literally on the edge of the southern U.S. border. From food and ​​​​​​​cultural to modern living and historic preservation, the City has become a destination rich in flavor and brimming with stories.
Throughout the years, Laredo has stayed true to its roots, but as the modern-day traveler has changed, so has Laredo’s needs for a refreshed brand experience. The CVB came to Rhyme & Reason Design looking to breathe new life into their visitors guide, the previous all-encompassing visitors guide was filled with so much information that it became overwhelming to the casual visitor. Therefore, the goal of this new iteration was to make it as vibrant and welcoming as the City itself, including the important details but in a manner that was more reader friendly.
I was responsible for the bulk of the design for this 52-page Visitor’s Guide. After my Art Director set the tone with an initial spread and cover design, is was my job to interpret the visual language across the rest of the guide, resulting in a guide that was clean, easier to read than its predecessor, and better represented the visitor’s experience in Laredo, TX. To view the guide in its entirety, check it out online.

I worked on this project and others during my time at Rhyme & Reason Design. Check out the rest of the case study on their site.