Hand-bound final product. Die-cut by hand.
Title page
Sneak peek of grasshopper
Sneak peek of dragonfly
Sneak peek of praying mantis
Praying mantis
Sneak peek of daddy long legs
Daddy long legs
Sneak peek of wasp
Sneak peek of luna moth
Luna Moth
In finem
Design Approach

Both typography and insects are beautiful in a unique, subtle way. I decided to design a specimen book that showcased both, as when they are paired they complement each other, intensifying that beauty. For each specimen, I created a hand-rendered typeface that mimics the shape of the insect it names, and used the flourishes to outline the insect itself. As inspiration for the book as a whole, I imagined what sort of journal or documentation a "mad scientist" character would produce. I used an almost-illegible scrawl for the secondary typography, and stained the paper with coffee for added patina. As you flip through the book, die-cuts focus your attention on a small detail of the illustration before you see it in entirety - reminiscent of a magnifying glass used by an entomologist inspecting a specimen. For the cover, I die-cut an organic, scaly pattern similar to faceted insect eyes, and used a marbled, shimmering paper to push the connection further.