Norrlands Guld – various promotional packaging
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    Various campaigns, promotional packaging for major Swedish beer brand.
Various campaigns for Norrlands Guld – a major Swedish beer brand.

Fall campaign

Buy two six packs and get this limited edition peanut can. The campaign that also included a six pack design focused on hanging out with friends (inside), playing boardgames, watching TV, drinking Norrlands Guld. The peanut can introduced the game “Nut shooting” and promoted a soccer show on TV3 sponsored by Norrlands Guld. The word “Tilltugg” (“snack” or “side”) states that the peanuts have no worth on their own – only together with Norrlands Guld´s beer.
Christmas gift of the year

In the world of Norrlands Guld – well established in numerous TV commercials since the mid nineties – what you want is always the relaxed hangout with good friends where you can be yourself and have a Norrlands Guld. In this world there is no better gift you can give to your friend than a can of “Norrlands”. Meaning a six pack contains six perfect presents. In this case already wrapped. Just write your friend´s and your name on the tag and you´re all set. Campaign theme: Christmas gift of the year.
40 year anniversary

Celebrating forty years with Norrlands Guld. We focused on the year of birth – 1965. The underlaying, not communicated, campaign theme was “Swinging Norrland”.
Going for gold!

Spring and summer campaign a year when the World Championships of Hockey was followed by the European Football (soccer) Championship and the Summer Olympics.

Sports are important for Norrlands Guld´s target group. However it was not at all important for the characters in the world of Norrlands Guld. However watching sports may serve as an excuse to meet your friends and “Ta Guld” (take gold). Talking sports yet totally ignoring it.

The can is a trophy. The lid was printed as a medal saying “Guld till alla” (Gold for everyone). This was part of a massive campaign in all media where the packaging was the starting point.

Designed in collaboration with Hans Samuelson.