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    Logos design with Arabian theme for restaurants and food & beverage brands.
Logo for Set El Hesen Restaurant, Beirut, Lebanon. 
Proposed logo for Zanjabeil restaurant, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
Proposed logo for Diwaniya, a traditional Kuwaity cuisine restaurant, Kuwait. 
Proposed logo for Al-Yusra, a fresh chicken products brand, Amman, Jordan. 
Proposed logo for Kebab & Co., an Arabian themed BBQ restaurant in Amman, Jordan. 
Logo for the Khan Café, Damascus, Syria.
Logo for Khair Baladi, an organic farms products, Amman, Jordan.
Logo for Wrap & Kebap, a Turkish street-food concept in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Logo for Azka, a bread-crumps product, Amman, Jordan.
Proposed logo for Noda, a fresh food and juices brand in Saudi Arabia.
Logo for Al Fuhais Zaman restaurant, Balqa, Jordan.
Proposed logo for Fallahi, a Jordanian country-side restaurant concept, Dubai, UAE.