Toledo - Reliably Built Branding.

One of Saudi Arabia's most reliable construction companies approached Unisono for a new brand strategy and identity to take them into the next phase of growth. The result is one powerful, spirited brand. Built around the core perception position of 'reliable', a reputation the firm had carved for itself over the last twenty years of operations, we set about crafting a brand which is proud, spirited and driven.

The design team usurped construction metaphors to create a highly distinctive and memorable brand identity. For example, the logo represents an inside view of a scaffold-like structure representing Toledo's role in building a nation. The dual language mark uses Forza and a hand-cut Arabic type mark (also made from the Latin glyphs) and a unmistakable tangerine colour system to give the brand a clear communication tool kit. This is one brand that was built with reliability in mind.
Client - Toledo Construction Company
Sector - Construction
Design Agency - Unisono
Strategist - Amy Morgan
Creative Director- Liam Farrell
Designer - Liam Farrell
3D Renderings - Aleksei Segodin