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Project Thesis: Real Estate CI/CD

It has been a while since I uploaded a project here on Behance.
The reason for that is my (now completed) two-year avocational training to become a Media Business Administrator.

One part of the final exams was to create a complete CI/CD and marketing plan for an imaginary customer from scratch in 30 days (besides the regular full-time-job).
For this year the customer was an aspiring real estate agent.

I would appreciate to hear your constructive criticism on my design work for this project.
"Heimvorteil" is the German word for home advantage and "Immobilien" means real estate. I was surprised to find out the name was not yet taken by anybody else.

I wanted to work with clean, simple lines to build an abstract house shape and leave a bit to the imagination. In this shape people could either see a modern building from worm`s-eye view or a classic pitched roof in frontal view.
Also the imaginary customer needed business cards, business paper and a website including exposés of the latest offers.
There was a lot more to this project but it is to much to show here in detail.
If you have any questions, please don`t hesitate to ask me.
Thank you for taking a look!
Project Thesis: Real Estate CI/CD

Project Thesis: Real Estate CI/CD

Corporate Design for a Real Estate Agent as a part of my Project Thesis to become a Media Business Administrator.