Different Types of Portable Staging System
Outdoor Ceremony: Stage Decorating Options
Decanting for an outdoor ceremony is betting on the visual impact in one of the peak moments of your big day. While in interior spaces you can also achieve striking and very beautiful decorations, when choosing the gardens of the estate for weddings as a stage to give yes, your possibilities multiply in all directions. Do you want to meet some?

Decoration Options For An Outdoor Ceremony

There, in that precise place will begin the rest of your life. You are aware of the transcendence of the moment and, therefore, you had the illusion of doing something special. Depending on your tastes, the time you have and the idea that has been around for a while, you can choose between different altar decorations. What do you think?

A traditional style platform: decorated with flowers, tapes, palm leaves ... the possibilities are almost inexhaustible, especially if you consider that you can also play with the shape ( rounded, square or pointed arch).
A platform with some variation: instead of keeping the typical bow, for your outdoor ceremony you are looking for something a little more shocking. One option that is beginning to see a lot is the door with half-open window, to which you can add a curtain in very light and semi-transparent fabric, to give movement. It is a symbolic element that, also, provides a distinctive style note to this stage of your wedding.

A platform without limits: Some brides do not like to delimit spaces and believe more in a concept that they transfer to each stage of their big day. In the case of the open-air ceremony, they would have no altar or pergola and would focus on decorating the whole area, to ensure continuity between the area where the bride and groom are placed.

And if you are already clear how the stage of your outdoor ceremony will be, you only have to decide how to seat the guests: set chairs? The Bales of straw? Wooden benches And what kind of welcome to offer them: lemonades? Water rod Light cocktails?

Rent a Portable Staging System UK

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