Hi folk crazy time. I was super busy and it's too much time without any update. 
I hava a tone of new project with line soon for you but in the meantime i have this crazy proj made with my bro simone brillarelli for another bro cristiano crisci a.k.a. clap! clap!
For the first time in ages we are together  like we were in a smile for timbuctu proj! hope you like!
This is a videoclip made for Clap! Clap! - Hope feat OY.
The story tells of an old astronaut who is shipwrecked on an unknown planet.
He begins to explore it and meet strange animals that push him into the depths of the earth.
The more time passes, the more the astronaut realizes the he’s becoming younger and past memories of his childhood comes to his mind with a strong homesickness. When he will be close to losing hope of returning to his planet, two shamans, through a magic ritual, will teach him how to fly without a spaceship. 

Directed by: Simone Brillarelli
Animated by. Simone Brillarelli
Character design by: Jonathan Calugi
Music by: Clap! Clap! feat OY
Taken from: A Thousand Skies
Record Label: Black Acre UK
Year: 2017
Country: Italy 
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