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Design Decisions for " Race-ism poster" (above) :

One font with multiple weights and point sizes represents all of the humanity and diversity. 

Picture of Earth is to imply our relative place in the cosmos. 

The word “Racism” has been written as “Race-ism” to use the dual meaning of the word “Race” (a genetic stock, a contest of speed). With unjustified human greed caused climate change, earth herself is also racing against THE GOD-GIVEN ALLOWED TIME, along with us and all other entities in the universe.  

Vertical placement of letters with different point sizes and weights represents unjustified social hierarchy which distinguishes between superior and inferior. 

Small ‘a’ along with capital ‘R’ represents nepotism or unjustified favors to those undeserving. 

Big separation between ‘C’ and ‘E’ represents competition for power between people of the same level but of a different background. 

The alignment of the texts is not justified. So the sentence “Race-ism is not justified” is also true in the typographical sense. 

Black and white color have been used to represent Ying Yang philosophy. 

The English language has been used to reach out a wide range of people.