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    Some of my desktop speaker concept ideas for industrial design compettion which was held 6 years ago.
My projects for Ms industrial industrial design compettion.It is the old project,which was held 6 years ago in my country.I'v never found out who won,cause there were no results of this compettiton.My models were created with rhinoceros3d 3.0 then.The tasks were to create interesting new designs for desktop speakers,or speaker gadgets for iphone.
When started to work on this contest,I sketched a lot and tried to find out new forms,even played with assymetry shapes like you can see on my first picture.Also later on I thought maybe my speaker gadgets could be foldable.
On my second picture I tried to find new form by extracting several elyptical shapes from 4 sides of the cube and then I filleted it to get nice smooth edges.I called my project  Artillery sound,when I saw it looks like rocket launcher.
On my last image I was inspired with the stealth airplanes,that is why I called it Stealth sound 2.1 sound system.You can see the sharp geometrical diamond forms on my last image.