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Product Development for Traveller Kids
Traveller Kids - Starter Kit
 Traveller Kids is a subscription based entertainment product for kids aged 7 -10 years intended to make children virtually travel the world and experience a new country every month through a combination of physical and online activities. The project is intended to look into the conceptualizing and packaging of this product, so that it delivers to the targeted audience.

Targeted to kids of age seven to ten years old, the package was focusing on the segment of upper middle class and above nuclear families living in cosmopolitans, where it is difficult for the guilt ridden parents, who are busy with pressure of work, to take out time for their children. The project intends to deliver a package of contents, that are making the kids independently interact with it, and helps them to play and learn on their own.
My work here was to conceptualize the content and then design of individual products of the Starter Kit. To know more log onto The Starter Kit contains a World map, a passport, stickers, a stamp, introductory letters and bookmark from Traveller Kids.
Starter Kit Box
Open Box
 Story of Atlas
The Box and the Contents