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    A tablet app designed to increase awareness among tech savvy videogamers, engagement and consideration using gamification.


Our client was launching a brand new game IP centered on technology and future tech.  Their ask was to create an app that could be leveraged at events as well as in between key PR beats (luls) to keep fans not only interested but engaged.

Build a mobile tablet app that starts as a modern take on the digital magazine whose "pages" are filled with future-tech curated content from across the interweb.  But as we approach key beats, the tablet would morph and evolve to reveal a secret side of itself.  Users, if they so chose, would be incentivized to carry out missions of varying levels of difficulty, all sync with real life events.  The app would support  one of the key game pillars that things are never quite what they appear to be.  

The mobile app is a tiered approach (A, AA & AAA) to keeping fans of Overstrike engaged.
At a base-level (A), the app starts off as a Magazine-layout inspired aggregator of hard to find tech / spy feeds. The feeds themselves are a mix of real life stories and tech as well as a good mix of stories that further the lore.

At key points (AAA), a new function (previously hidden or obfuscated) such as google goggles or layar unveils itself, giving the content an additional dimension (ie reports or articles based on your location) but more importantly allowing viewers to now become participants in a secret war against impossible odds

In between key points (Events), a series of challenges (3 to 5) can be surfaced to app users that leverage the new feature. So for example, following GDC we could surface a mission asking users to take a picture of fringe tech (whether that is an overstrike poster or an actual gadget). 

All the while keeping them engaged by gamifying participation and completion of missions.

The app started as a digital magazine app, complete with curated content about the future-tech.  The only hint that things weren't quite what they seemed was a countdown timer at the bottom of the screen.  But beyond the timer no other information or hints were given
Once the timer reached 00:00:00:00 (coinciding with a PR beat or event), users were taken to a secret section of the app, where missions and challenges awaited them.  These missions and challenges were based on simple tasks such as taking pictures and or completing puzzles within an aloted amount of time.
Here we show a sample mission, where users are instructed to capture in the wild stickers.