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    Mythological line etching, focusing on Peruvian Irish culture
The aim of this project was to reinterpret Incan Gods and Celtic Gods and create a poster series that celebrates being both Irish and Peruvian. The finished posters celebrate the Peruvian Irish community, here in Ireland, that gather once a year on Peru’s day of independence July 28th named ‘Fiestas Patrias’. The reason for this project’s specific focus on gods of both Celtic and Incan mythology, is due to the heavy influence of these gods from storytelling through schooling but also passed down from family members. Upon researching both sets of mythologies it was clear there were relevant connections. Many are connected, with Incan gods being interpreted as a family. 
Similarly, the Celtic gods too have connections through the ‘Tuatha De Danann’ that translates to the ‘Tribe of Gods’. The poster series were created through the process of line etching, which adds to the character of the mystical gods, and are packaged as a special edition set. Within this special edition set there is additional information that adds perspective to each poster giving an extra insight to each god, giving the viewer the chance to see the connections between the two mythical cultures.