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PZU Drive - connected car ecosystem
PZU Drive - connected car ecosystem (2013-15)
Business concept for the largest insurance company in Poland.
In 2013 we came up with an idea for a device that can connect virtually any car to the Internet. Our earliest concept was that this device, connected to a cloud, could predict a case of a breakdown of a car, then contact the driver and send a repair vehicle perfectly adapted to remove the discovered failure. We presented this concept to the largest insurance company in Poland — PZU, they became interested, and PZU Drive was born.
At the beginning we took soldering irons in our hands and prototyped this device to test it in the cars of the PZU employees. 
Our early prototype of PZU Drive device
Later we went through many iterations, many different concepts, and researches with customers, while working on the design of the device and the accompanying mobile app.
Design of PZU Drive device
The project was nominated for Cannes Lions Innovation Awards 2013. 
Once it goes from development to implementation phase, Drive may give PZU a unique value and become an element of protection against the policy of decreasing  prices. At the same time Drive may deliver real value to every driver.
What we did

• Concept, strategy & UX
• Technical analysis & hardware prototyping
• Industrial design
• User research
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PZU Drive - connected car ecosystem
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