Provocative show "The Secret of a Million"

The presenter will ask tricky questions to the heroes, each of which is related to their real life and has its value. What was the name of your teacher of labor? What dress did you wear on your first date? Why are you offended by the ex-wife? And with whom did you spend the night in a hotel on the Cote d'Azur? The more revelations, the greater the gain!

In the show "The Secret of a Million" all the secret will be revealed!

All the funds won on the project will be sent to charitable foundations.

Screensaver for music tv show.

Loop animated gifs:



Direction project: Igor Sordokhonov
Project managers: Kirill Granovsky, Roman Bratkov
Sound: Oleg Emirov
Design logo: Dmitry Gulinov, Dmitry Semenov
Concept, Design, Animation, Render, Compose: Mitya Markov

Made in NTV Design
2017 Year