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The Digital Decade 5 London
T H E   D I G I T A L   D E C A D E   5
DesignCollector Network presents an innovative exhibition exploring the intersections digital and physical forms (“phygital”) in art as part of the annual event Digital Decade 5, featuring emerging artists working in the field of digital art. This year’s theme of “Cyberia” encourages artists to reflect on the concept of the newborn digital-native that is changing our common value systems.
The Digital Decade collaboration and exhibition now in its fourth year, has run successfully each year since 2013. Curated by Arseny Vesnin, the first round of Digital Decade consists of online Open Calls where selected artists are featured in the exhibition in London.

For 2017, the 5th Edition of “Digital Decade”, DCN teamed up with the leading creative platforms Ello Network and Curioos to bring 35 digital artists together engaged in creating print artworks to take a part in a London exhibition. One third of these artists made a cut from a huge shortlist selected by the prominent Jury during “Ello x Digital Decade” Open Call. Another addition to upcoming event is a new challenge made together with Sedition Art Platform that will feature the work of selected video artists. Also a dozen of interactive and phygital artists joined the exhibition in London to create an immersive atmosphere.
Video and Event Identity made by Ruslan Khasanov
The concept of Cyberia is “the Unknown Territories Shaped by the Digital Ethnos”. This, “Ethnos” refers to the generation of digital people that are changing our world, and continuing to influence our culture. As our world becomes increasingly digital, it ultimately transforms to become a ‘Cyberia’.
Texts provided by Alex Cordier who has a passion for travel, contemporary art, technology and digital media.
June 7 - July 5
Who is “Generation Z”? Are they post-millennials? The Last Generation? Regardless of their name, this cohort is growing up and quickly reshaping digital culture. Emojis, Snapchat, memes, viral trends and virtual reality are in their DNA. Will they be the creators of new crypto-currencies, autopilot vehicles, p2p technologies or faces the AI takeover? As this tech-savvy group get older, it seems less and less likely that they’ll be the last generation.

And with them, our world continues to change to become more digital, to become a “Cyberia.” What’s going to rule 2027? Remember 2007? There was no Instagram, Twitter was a year old, your Mom still wasn’t on Facebook and the economic crisis was looming. Now imagine 2027. Will there be no more countries, boundaries, walls, government, finances and old economies?

Just like Gen Z is shaping 2017, an increasing focus on the digital will continue to influence the dec. Are we going to face artificial intelligence in it’s glory or downfall, live without borders, use hashtags instead of IDs, pay with a unified currency, eliminate religious conflicts and poverty with unified technologies and practices. What is Cyberia and who or what will be a part of it?
Over 300 artists submitted their artworks to the Open Call made by Ello and Designcollector networks during the 1st month of the summer. 20 Jury Members selected 60 Artworks for the Shortlist. We promised to post them all Online, see them below:
Alexy Préfontaine
"I believe we will probably be more and more focused on ourselves, living in our own bubble, thanks to the tremendously growing presence of the Internet and social medias"

Alice Conisbee
"The work was created with technological advancements-especially that of prosthetics/artificial replacements in mind, as it is already possible for body parts to be recreated via 3D printing."

Cy Tone
"THE DIGITAL SIN - /ðiː//ˈdɪdʒɪtəl//saɪn/ 
My work represents the metaphor of the original sin... ...but inserted into our temporal context... the apple in the centre like new "digital sin"... We have made a lot of progress in the technology field, but these did not serve to create a world of peace and prosperity… We use technology to create wars and situations of social discomfort… Not for the wellbeing of the planet and living beings… We now do not deserve to live in the paradise of the future… I hope that in the next 20 years we will be good at using our capabilities for a better place to live..."

Daina Hodgson
"Surveillance, Subversion, Manipulation. What is real? The viewer inserts their story over the image"

Davy Evans
"A collage piece created by photographing oil spills on a macro level and merging them together to create a scene. The image shows the continuous generation of new ideas / forms and technologies which eventually become a distant emergence. New ideas and worlds are continuously emerging and shifting from abstract ideas. 
I'm interested in the idea that we are seduced by oil on many levels in todays society, represented by its beautiful but dark colour pallet"

Elena Kulikova
"Space and Inter-dimensional travel inspired my work, the thoughts and imagination of the energy we create and the possible beings we'll meet in the near future."

Emmanuel Achusim
"My work Emphasized on the depression and loneliness that technology/social media has brought."

Fill Ryabchikov
"Pray to Digital Egregore baptised by a data stream."

Karen Rodriguez
"The nostalgia for the living things, the nostalgia of letting tradition go to welcome our more distorted ways to live."

Marcel Lisboa
"It's to show how nature and the digitals tools will unite and improve us into this new decade. The digital will embrace nature and provide us a better health. But first we need to understand ourselves in a collective way."
Digital Decade 5 won't ever happen this year without the massive support of ELLO Network

S E L E C T E D    A R T I S T S
Together with Curioos platform earlier this year we pre-selected 25+ Artists to work on the "Cyberia" topic for London's exhibition
Antoni Tudisco

Antony Kitson
"I was inspired by Artificial Intelligence, Cyborgs & Enhanced Humans. The concept was to portray the future digital relationship with humans and how we connect to our digital self."

Ben Paul
"The idea being my work is that the next generations problems are going to be vastly greater than they are now. Very soon the impact of the human existence will be irreversible."

Blake Kathryn
"Singularity's core idea was sparked re-visiting science fiction movies and novels from the 70's and 80's. Mankind has an ever present obsession with dystopian digital wastelands consuming our future, seeming to fear living in a world of unfamiliar technological advancements. Yet here we are in 2017 working towards controlled AI, immersive digital experiences, and furthering the hive mindset our handheld screens have created. Singularity instead abstractly focuses upon the positive and awe-inspiring moments that come with technological progression – dreaming of a future where one can be inspired, immersed and retain their individuality."

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor
"The nostalgia for the living things, the nostalgia of letting tradition go to welcome our more distorted ways to live."

"In decreasing time frames, we have moved from the “industrial age” to the “information age” and now to the “digital age”. Eventually we will reach a point that could be described as the “post digital age”. Building further into the sky, and colonising oceans, are believed to be the biggest future trends, as space and resources become scarce. Post digital environment will build cities in cities, multi-storey where the border can be both the sky and the depths of the ocean, because the structure is going in two directions."

Daniel Taylor
"My first idea was actually a futuristic sculpture of an older person with a VR goggle. I think it has a big future and what we have today is only the beginning. I did another version in the end."

Daria Popovskaia

Desislava Desseva
"My work explores the perception of emotions in The Digital Age - can You really express Your unique emotional state by choosing from a predefined list of icons (emoji), did You notice when feelings became more of a choice, a voluntary decision rather than a state of your so called "heart and soul..."

Dorian Legret
"My idea is to represent the evolution of humanity since the appearance of technology."

Ekaterina Ermakova

Cyril Maksimchuk

Louise Mertens
"I've always been intrigued by artificial intelligence and my visual idea behind 'how things are going to look'. Especially people, as this is mostly the main subject in my work. We see how faces changed up until now, what will people look like in 10 years? We're so into perfection, minimalism, details and identity and we will strive to reach these certain goals. Most of us are fascinated by future and many of us try to fight against it, because time travels faster than we can follow. In my opinion, we need to accept what happens and go with it, for the sake of our children and the training of our brains. We are in it eventually, so why not embrace it. Along all the negativity we must see the positive effects of artificial intelligence, in art especially. "

Matthew Custar

Max Sobkowski

Oksana Zmorovych
"Depicted is an overman in ecstatic state. Science possibilities are limited, and we need a new imaginative and sensual language for a complete realness comprehension."

Rik Oostenbroek

Santi Zoraidez

Sasha Katz
"I am crazy about gadgets and robots, which I integrate with my interest in botanics and bio punk. In my works I combine these obsessions."

Shane Griffin
"I am crazy about gadgets and robots, which I integrate with my interest in botanics and bio punk. In my works I combine these obsessions."

Slava Semenuta

L O N D O N ' S    E X H I B I T I O N
25-27 AUG
The exhibition took place over three days in August, at Ugly Duck on Tanner st in London. For this new creative season Ugly Duck has chosen the theme Real/Virtual and “Digital Decade 5: Cyberia” was happy to won their venue grant earlier this year. Exhibition invited over 400 visitors and artists into a visual dialogue on geopolitical, environmental, social and even interstellar changes taking place in our world with digital art and technology. Event will feature VR, Print, Phygital and Interactive installations as well as Creative Talks from industry leaders.
E X H I B I T I O N    A R T I S T S
For Digital Decade curator, Arseny Vesnin, it was a new experience to bring interactive and VR artists all together in one place keeping the idea of "Phygital" event alive through the whole weekend. This part of exhibition won't ever happen without the support and self-motivation from exhibiting artists themselves and event producer's team

Photography below mainly shot by Antony Kitson
Aristarkh Chernyshev
"LOADING", 2007
It was a personal call for curator to bring the work of prominent contemporary artists and leader of Electroboutique The last place this work has been displayed was at Whitechapel's "Electronic Superhighway" before our exhibition

Salomé Chatriot
For French artist and graduate of Swiss ECAL exhibition was not a new thing but a perfect experimental platform to deliver personal project "Qualify Yourself" based on exploration of human breathe and sound. The installation was a real point of interest during the Digital Decade 5.

Mélanie Courtinat
Mélanie is also a fresh graduate from Swiss ECAL and was responsible for the Digital Decade 5 Interactive Heart or really immersive VR Installation imitating an interaction with a beautiful but dying garden. All inside your head.
Event Support by Virtually Mine LTD

Jose Montemayor
"Death is Only the Beginning" was the VR installation brought by Jose (together with Bec Abdy) as a part of his ongoing project "Virtual Awakening". Jose also did a talk about the Near-Death Experience and various techniques of VR Therapy
Event Support by Virtually Mine LTD

Danie Armegnol Altayó
A mirror mirroring a mirror. A selfie as a projection of the self. Artificial intelligence proficient at recognizing its surroundings, capable of learning and even dreaming. Psychedelia. The result is an aesthetic reflection, executed with hardware and software with the default factory settings, which correctly aligned have the power to hypnotize us with a visual effect, strangely organic. The most visited and interacted installation of the Digital Decade 5, people loved it!

Desislava Desseva
Digital Decade resident artist Desislava brought her unique kinetic and really fun experience to the event by installing "Choose Your Emo(ji)tion". She was also one of Selected print artists representing "Cyberia" at the event

Anna Neklesa
Recent graduate from RCA Textiles, Anna exhibited and made a talk about the future of materials presenting her personal near-scientific and research&development project "Living Cotton".

KingDeluxe x Beeple VR Contest
Real Time VRChat Experience
The most unexpected and immersive VR experience run by Kingdeluxe Label was an Online VRChat room inhabited by Metaverses created by winners of VR Contest run by famous 3D Artist Beeple
Event Support by Virtually Mine LTD

The Kissinger Twins
"Lucidreams" by Kasia and Dawid Kifert
Lucidreams was a VR Experience presented by Kasia and Dawid Kifert (The Kissinger Twins), loved by public and run with the support of Virtually Mine LTD

"Mass Migrations Builder" VR Interactive Wall
Interactive Artist MARPI presented his recent work "Mass Migration Builder" a Multiplayer digital mecha graffiti

The Sedition Art Video Wall
5 Video Aritsts selected by Designcollector and Sedition Art
We were pleased to collaborate with leading online art platform Sedition to present an Open Call for video artworks where 5 selected artists were projected on the wall at event:

Quantum Fluctuations by Markos Kay
Turmoil by Joëlle Snaith
Of Soil by Yoshi Sodeoka
When Hell Freezes Over by Carla Gannis
Nearfield by Overlap

Resident artist Antony Kitson and Digital Decade curator Arseny Vesnin (Designcollector). Photo by So!Fraiche
Photos from Event: Part 1
Taken by Antony Kitson

Official Event Video
Created by So!Fraiche
Photos from Event: Part 2
Taken by So!Fraiche
M A I N   P A R T N E R S
ELLO Network
Main Sponsor and Partner
Ello is The Creators Network, a socially-powered publishing and collaboration platform supporting a global community of artists. Founded in 2013 by a small group of art & design professionals, Ello provides a creative oasis for artists and their fans while empowering artist x brand collaboration via our Artist Invites program.

eShop partner
Designcollector is proud to have Curioos as a retail partner. They are printing all artworks for Digital Decade 5. Curioos is a curated marketplace of lifestyle products designed by independent artists. It’s the one-destination for graphic artists to profit from their creativity by selling their artworks on high-quality, everyday products such as wall art, apparel and accessories.

Ugly Duck
Venue Partner
Ugly Duck is a London Based social enterprise that revitalises empty and underused buildings, and open them up for creative uses. Ugly Duck has also been used as unusual locations for films, photoshoots, and events. The Digital Decade 5 exhibition ran at Ugly Duck’s location in Bermondsey at 49 Tanner St, London, SE1 3PL, UK.
Arseny Vesnin, curator and organiser
DesignCollector Network (DCN) is an online media platform for exploring the best of visual media arts and design since 2003. Founded and edited by Arseny Vesnin, DCN has become a leading online media outlet exploring the rapidly changing world of new media art, design and creative disciplines.

Ope Deyileka, producer
London-based Young Architects are helping with venue design and installation second year in a row. Literally exhibition won’t happen without them.

Sedition Art
Exhibition Partners
Delivering Video Art challenge and showcasing selected artists on “Sedition digital Frames” at Digital Decade 5. Sedition Art is the world’s leading online platform for artists to display and sell their art in digital format for connected screens and devices. Sedition offers everyone an easy, enjoyable and social way to experience art-collecting at affordable prices. The company was founded by Harry Blain, the owner of Blain|Southern. The mission of Sedition is to change the art world by introducing a marketplace for collecting and trading art in the digital age.

Virtually Mine
VR Partners
London based virtual reality hire and services company offering vr solutions worldwide. Virtually Mine provided full VR Equipment  support at event and curated Jose Montemayor - VR Artist exhibited at Digital Decade 5.
The Digital Decade 5 London

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The Digital Decade 5 London

DesignCollector Network (DCN) presents an innovative exhibition exploring the intersections digital and physical forms (“phygital”) in art as par Read More