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    Logo and flyer created for "Zypher Travel" day tripping service
I spent a year in Swellendam taking people on day trips around the Overberg. This was the logo and flyer that I created for the business. The inspiration behind the "Z" came from the skateboarding movie "Dogtown and Z Boys." Some friends of mine and I are avid hikers and because of our relaxed and alternative approach to it we used to joke about being the "Z boys" of hiking. This soon caught on and I used to leave a "Z" wordmark tag on the back of our dusty car windscreens after every hike. This soon caught on and after a while the "Z" graced many a car window in parking lots around the Western Cape. When I started the day tripping business I added the "Zephyr" angle to the Z (a zephyr is a gentle breeze which brings good fortune), and it all came together from that. The shape of the "Z" in the logo still reflects what the finger-painted Z looks like on a dusty window.
This logo was never officially trademarked; the "TM" in the logo actually stands for "Table Mountain" - the same mountain we started hiking on.
The flyer was created with a low production cost in mind so I set it up using one colour on a bright orange paper. It was set to print 5-up on an A4 page.

The flyer appeared in backpackers and guesthouses around South Africa, and was usually bundled onto a display shelf alongside many other flyers of the same dimension. This created a problem as the bottom half of the flyer was usually hidden behind others and together the display shelf was a busy jumble of colour, photography and type. I noticed that most flyers were printed on white paper and for this reason I opted for a bright orange paper. The words "day tripping" appeared framed in black at the top and were legible from across a room.

The back of the flyer featured a map that was created as an overview of the various popular Overberg destinations. Although not to scale, guests had a clear idea of the location and activities offered in the area.

It worked brilliantly and I receive trip requests to this day.