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    A collection of completed tutorials from the Greyscalegorilla.com web site using Cinema 4D.
Greyscalegorilla.com offers a brilliant resource for tools and training for us creative types. They have created loads of easy-to-follow tutorials and training that show you way more than just what buttons to push. I really enjoy the tutorials posted by Nick Campbell and Chris Schmidt. These guys know their stuff and their excitement and willingness to share what they know and what they have discovered makes tackling massive programs like Cinema 4D and After Effects a lot less daunting and a lot more fun. This is a great site for anyone wanting to learn motion graphics software and I can't recommend it enough. Below are some examples of what I have achieved following their tutorials.
By Chris Schmidt:
My son wanted me to make my test of falling boxes into marshmallows. Conor insisted on the orange backdrop which works really well when rendered with Global Illumination.
By Nick Campbell:
By Chris Schmidt: