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10310 km // Yo Kurashina & Coqué Azcona art exhibition at HOP KEN B1 GALLERY // 11-13 August 2017 // OSAKA

Well , that's it, the short version.. this last August I did an exhibition with Yo Kurashina in Osaka, Japan.
And I loved it!
And I loved Japan too.​​​​​​​

Yo Kurashina showed his last T-shirt & accesories collection from his independent clothes brand HoodieznHatz.
And I placed 113 pieces on those walls, also had some prints, totebags and P&Q music CDs (some songs I do from time to time with my father).
All that with the delicious Morro Fi vermouth and appetizers, DJs TAD - 昼G - MANIYA (POLIPPIE BOYS) and me doing live painting.

The name, 10310 km, is the aproximate distance from the Morro Fi vermuteria at Barcelona to the HOP KEN B1 GALLERY in Osaka. We both work at the Morro Fi and that's how we became friends. So it made sense to me this title to conect our both worlds..

So it was a 3 days exhibition at a building that is very interesting HOP KEN.
In the basement is the Kitano Takubo's art gallery, HOPKEN B1 GALLERY (check also Pulp Gallery).
On the street level there is a lovely curry restaurant that works at noon under the hands by Kancha Lanka and later is the great Mr. Samosa with his own style who runs the place. Both are delicious!
And on the first floor there is Hopken Shop, a music record shop and a concerts venue that's very cool as well.
I had a very great time in there! At every floor.

So here you are a lot of photographs but if it's too much.. in my blog there's a smaller selection.
Also a short version video and a long version one, both on Youtube
+ other with the titles & places of every work.

And thanks for watching!